Staff Spotlight- Gowrie Eswaran

Staff Spotlight- Gowrie Eswaran

Gowrie-300x200Gowrie Eswaran started with Everas Community Services in 1993 as a substitute critical co-worker. Since then, she has become an invaluable member of our team, and one of our longest tenured employees.

In addition to her position as a critical co-worker, Gowrie has held leadership roles as an assistant manager of Our-Co, a floor supervisor and a general manager. She has also worked in the group homes as a residential specialist, a respite worker, and in 2006 she became a Sign Language trainer for the agency.

Everas holds many happy memories for Gowrie. Some of her favorite moments were the vacations she took with our clients to Disney World and Ocean City as well as the special relationships she has developed with the people we support. “I had just come back from surgery, back surgery, and he [one our clients] was so concerned,” Gowrie said. “He would always rub my back. He still does that. It was a very touching moment.”

Gowrie’s path to Everas began in college where she studied Sociology. “I worked in villages helping with immunizations for the children,” Gowrie said. “That was part of my social work.” Knowing she enjoyed working with children, one of her friends asked her to apply for an opening at a school for children who are deaf. This was Gowrie’s first experience working with individuals with disabilities.

When she came to New Jersey in 1990, she continued to work with children in the East Brunswick public school system. During that time Gowrie saw an ad in the paper for a critical co-worker position working with adults who are deaf-blind and developmentally disabled. “It caught my eye,” she said.

Now, 20 years later, Gowrie continues to be a dedicated member of our direct support and training teams. “I think the good thing about this agency is the quality of care we stress upon our staff,” Gowrie said. “The quality we emphasize definitely tells other people that we keep our standards high.”

In her spare time Gowrie enjoys sewing, artwork and reading. She has also continued her work with the East Brunswick public schools and provides respite care for an 8-year-old boy with Autism.

Gowrie’s compassion for people is evident in every interaction with our clients and her coworkers. Throughout the years, she has served as a role model for all staff and as a leader in demonstrating Everas core values of care, quality and respect. She is nominated by at least one of her peers every year for the Employee of the Year awards and has made a difference in the lives of many people.

Everas congratulates Gowrie on her 20 year anniversary with our agency. We are grateful for her commitment to our mission and our clients, and for making a difference in the lives of the many people she support.