NJACP’s 2024 Community STAR Award Winner has been commemorated

In light of the COVID pandemic, the anticipated annual NJACP Community STAR Award event has pivoted to a virtual format for the last few years, bringing the celebration to life through Zoom. Everas participates in this inspiring event each year, as it shines a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who thrive in communities throughout NJ.

This year, the spotlight beams brightly on Marvin Navarro as our 2024 NJACP Community Star. His journey and accomplishments serve as a testament to the spirit of resilience and excellence that this award celebrates.

Marvin resides in our Monmouth Group Home with his 3 male housemates. Marvin’s family, support staff, and Everas team were in attendance to celebrate this special moment.


About Marvin


Marvin Navarro, Monmouth Group Home Resident

Marvin Navarro settled into his new home at the Monmouth Group Home in July 2023. From the outset, Marvin wasted no time immersing himself in the community, eagerly participating in activities at his group home and his day program. He exudes warmth and friendliness, effortlessly lighting up any room with his welcoming presence and genuine smile.

Marvin’s interests include drawing, listening to music, dancing, and swimming. If there’s a body of water around, you can be sure to find Marvin in it.  Additionally, Marvin has a knack for building; he delights in dismantling household appliances such as vacuums and radios to reconstruct them. The support staff admire Marvin’s polite and respectful demeanor he carries wherever he goes.

Marvin is a loving son, brother to his two sisters and a proud uncle.  He is close with his family and visits them frequently. He looks forward to his weekly dinner date with his mother, weekend visits, and special family occasions and holidays.  Marvin does not go a single day without calling his mom to talk about what is happening at the group home and his day program including trips to the museum, arcades, bowling, and dining out.

Everas Community Services Inc. is honored to recognize and celebrate Marvin with this award.


Watch the 2024 Community STARS Award Winner video