Everas employment programs are based on the principle that all people have the potential to make meaningful contributions in the workplace. Our activities as service providers and as employers of people with disabilities will promote the highest level of inclusion and independence for our clients and employees. We work to help reduce the segregation of people with the most significant barriers to employment and build the capacity of the community to see first what someone can do, versus the perception of their limitations.


Our-Co is a community based program with several locations throughout the state. It provides pre-vocational, vocational and supported employment in an integrated work environment and in the community for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Real community work experiences are sought for people to support skill building, identify areas of interests and strengths and find paid employment.


Activities also include community volunteer experiences that help develop skills while making meaningful contributions to an organization in need.


Through real work opportunities, individuals discover what career they are interested in, develop vocational skills to meet those career choices, and develop appropriate and proficient work ethics and attitudes.


Everas actively pursues new lines of business for the primary purpose of creating jobs for people who have significant barriers to employment. In our Social Enterprise programs, we maintain 75% of available positions for employees who have a disability or other supported employment need and any profits are utilized for the advancement of our agency mission.


We currently operate businesses in the following industries:
• Telecommunication Services
• Mailroom Services
• Company Stores


Through excellent customer service, our businesses highlight the abilities of our employees and the value of diversity in the workforce. They are education and awareness programs in action, helping to shift perceptions about people with disabilities in the workforce from people with limitations to people with potential.

Current Services

Switchboard Operations

VA Hospital in East Orange, NJ

IRS Mailroom

Springfield, NJ