Everas offers options for people living in their own home or with their family. We understand that all people are unique in their abilities and desires, and that circumstances change and evolve as people move through various stages of their lives.

A quality, comprehensive service plan will continuously adapt to keep pace with people’s support needs as they grow, and maintain independence and inclusion according to individual preferences and abilities.


Everas provides therapeutic behavioral support to people with Autism as well as people with other behavioral support needs. Services are overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who develops plans to provide intervention and comprehensive treatment based on a holistic approach that provides solutions for the entire family.



Everas staff provide direct support that people need to participate in the community as well as develop skills to increase independence. Services range from support in accessing and utilizing local community resources, for example the bank or food store, to attending a social event or a class. Service plans are developed and overseen by a Master’s Level Social Worker based on the person’s goals and support needs and work towards achieving the highest possible potential for independence. Our services are available for people who require total care, as well as people requiring intermittent support and supervision for specific activities of daily living.



Support for families who are the primary caregiver of a person with disabilities is critical to ensure the caregiver receives relief to replenish energy and reduce stress. Respite services provide time for the primary caregiver to spend time with other family members and take care of personal needs with the peace of mind that an experienced and professionally trained person is responsible for their loved one’s needs.



Everas provides training to family members and people in the support network of care for people with specialized needs. Types of training include the use of medical or adaptive equipment, intervention strategies for behavioral needs, communication techniques, and sighted guide assistance. These trainings enable the development of natural support networks and ensure confidence in providing the assistance a person needs.



By choosing Everas Community Services as your Support Coordination Provider you will benefit from more than thirty five year’s experience in building the capacity of the community to include people with highly intensive support needs throughout the entire state of NJ. Through our statewide case management program, we are knowledgeable regarding available community resources in all 21 counties of NJ and will work with you to identify and advocate for your needs.


Everas aims to maximize the independence and the inclusion of people through community based services. Each person is unique in their abilities and desires and our service plans continuously evolve to meet changing needs over the course of a person’s lifespan. We will work to identify the support needs and providers that best meet each person’s goals and aspirations within their budget.


Everas will begin the discovery and planning phase within one week of referral. Our intake process includes a thorough in-person interview to learn as much as possible regarding what you wish to gain from your support plan, and the very practical basics of your support needs. You will find that our staff focus on abilities and possibilities and are committed to achieving outcomes.


Whether you require complex medical support needs or simply a companion for recreation activities, Everas can coordinate your community service needs.