Being part of life in the community and participating in all of life’s daily activities fosters a sense of belonging and is directly proportional to a person’s happiness and quality of life.

Support Services

Health, Safety, and Well Being

Medical Coordination
Nutrition and Dietary Management
Recreation and Socialization
Financial Coordination
Behavioral Support and Intervention
Entitlement Management


Skill Development

Activities of Daily Living
Adaptive Equipment

Everas seeks and develops housing options for individuals that meet their desired priorities for community living, as well as provides the support services necessary for their success.  Our residential services are guided by the philosophy that all people are valued members of our community and that an enriched community is only possible when all people are included. All Everas homes and apartments are part of neighborhoods throughout New Jersey.


During our comprehensive planning process, our Residential Services team meets and spends time with each person and their family. This relationship ensures the discovery of critical information necessary to understand the specifics of each individual’s community support needs.  Individuals and their family are involved every step of the way, from choosing the location and bedroom décor, through the amount and type of support services they would like to receive. We provide 24/7 supervision and support, and individuals learn daily living and life skills. Our services are designed to increase each person’s ability to participate and live meaningful lives in the community.


Everas employees are trained to provide access and create opportunities for each person to demonstrate their abilities, and then bridge the gap where a disability may pose a barrier. Our support is focused on the individual so that they can participate in, enjoy, and have access to life’s daily activities within their own scope of preferences and level of independence.