RecRevolution Recap

Throughout the summer months, Everas sponsors a friendly competition among residential programs that we call, RecRevolution.  The competition challenges the residential management team to plan person centered recreation events in the community for the people they support.   The events can be group or individual, and are focused on introducing people to a new activity they may enjoy, participating in a known preferred activity,  or planning a unique event or activity that is happening around the town.  All of the events are documented through photos and an event log which is scored based on predetermined points for creativity and person centeredness, with extra points assigned for projects that include volunteerism in the community.

RecRevolution encourages staff and clients across programs to work together to find creative ways to increase participation in the community and find new and interesting activities that people will enjoy.  Beyond the fun factor, quality recreation planning exposes our clients to new experiences, supports the development of new interests, and provides the opportunity to meet new people and form connections.  This year people enjoyed trips to Yankee Stadium, fluke fishing in Point Pleasant, Muscontong River Reserve, a dinner cruise in Weehawken, Cape May Zoo, Sculpture Garden, Liberty Science Center, Great Adventure,  and much more.  Picnics, movie nights, manicures, firework displays and mini golf were also prevalent outings.

Each year, the points are tallied and Everas awards first, second and third place winners.   This year we had a tie for second place — congratulations to Red Valley and Lakeview! And though it was close, a big congratulations to our first place winner — Monmouth!  The winners received gift baskets that contained everything the program needed to host a party for the staff and clients and each program along with a photo album to commemorate their adventures.

This year marks our 6th Annual RecRevolution. While quality recreation and socialization programming is important at Everas year round, everyone looks forward to kicking off the summer season with this competition.   Congratulations again to our winners as well as all of the staff who participated in the planning of the fun filled experiences for the people in our programs.