Everas expands to Nutley

We at Everas Community Services are pleased to announce that we successfully transferred operations of our 24th Residential program, Nutley Group Home, on April 11th. The four women who live in this home currently are staying in a hotel while their new home is prepared for them. We encourage all members of the Everas community to extend a helping hand as the staff and clients transition into the agency family.

Associate Executive Director, Margarete Andrews would like to thank the following staff for their assistance with yesterday’s transfer: Larissa Dockery, Toni Teague, Dina Matarazzo, Brittney Jones, MaryAnn Kline, Njeri Skeete, Elaine Gold, John Bush, Scott Dilley, Evan Townsend and Daniel Klim. She states, “The number of people who turned out to support this transfer, and your teamwork and cooperation throughout the day and evening is much appreciated.”

Additionally, she would like to recognize Director of Residential Programming in the Northern Region, Dominique Anderson, for her work over the last several weeks to facilitate this transfer. “Dominique’s preparation and oversight were key to ensuring a smooth transition for the clients.”
Everas is grateful for the opportunity to extend the reach of our quality services and programming throughout New Jersey for individuals across a broad spectrum of ability and specialized needs.